When you visit our St. Charles chiropractor, our goal is to understand your pain and discomfort. We’ll take the time to discuss your symptoms and offer a full examination to determine what the underlying cause might be. When you see our chiropractor in St. Charles, we may recommend a treatment called spinal decompression. It is one of the most effective tools available for a variety of health conditions.

St. Charles Spinal Decompression Aids in Healing

In St. Charles spinal decompression is just one of the many services we offer. In this procedure, our goal is to bring the spinal column back to its normal position. By retraction methods, we aim to reposition the spinal column to reduce pressure and pain that you may be feeling. It works to reduce pressure on the spinal cord, which is nearly always the cause of the pain and discomfort that’s limiting you.

How Our Chiropractor Can Help You

Our chiropractor will determine if spinal decompression can help your needs. This method, along with spinal adjustments and cold laser treatment, aims to reduce the pain and pressure you feel. These treatments are varied to meet all of your needs. It can help with disc herniation or bulges. In these cases, the discs that sit between the vertebrae that make up your spinal column become compressed. When this happens, they bulge, which leads to interaction with the spinal cord, which causes pain.

Through the use of spinal decompression and adjustments, we can readjust these vertebrae to allow them to line up better and reduce the pressure on the cord and nerves. This lets you feel better.

Contact Our Chiropractor Today

For St. Charles spinal decompression, our chiropractor is available to discuss your needs with you. We offer comprehensive services ranging from spinal decompression, cold laser treatment, nutritional supplements, and spinal adjustments. Call us today at 636-947-7463 to talk about the treatment options that are right for your specific needs. You can trust us for any spinal decompression in St. Charles you need or think you may need. We’re happy to discuss any symptoms you have.