Some types of musculoskeletal or neurological dysfunction can be — quite literally — a pain in the neck. Chronic or age-related cervical spinal issues, herniated discs, pinched cervical nerve tissue and strained muscles can all cause or contribute to debilitating neck pain. Fortunately, RiverTowne Family Chiropractic can help you achieve neck pain relief without becoming addicted to painkillers or submitting to invasive surgery. Our chiropractor in St. Charles, MO, Dr. Edward Bickmeyer, can discover the underlying source of your discomfort and prescribe safe, non-surgical techniques to treat it.

The Nature of Neck Pain

The neck is a strong, highly flexible structure, but one that is nevertheless vulnerable to injury or functional problems. The topmost portion of the spinal column, the cervical spine, consists of several vertebrae articulated by facet joints and cushioned by discs; nerve roots jutting out from between these vertebrae relay signals to the upper body. The top of the cervical spine balances the weight of the head. When the head is thrown about violently, as in an auto accident, the resulting damage to the neck can strain the neck muscles, dislocate vertebral joints, and create herniated discs which in turn pinch neighboring nerve tissue. This condition, whiplash, causes neck pain and numerous other symptoms.

But neck pain can have more subtle origins as well. Even simple aging can dry out the cervical discs, causing a flattening that stresses the neck’s facet joints and encouraging facet joint arthritis. These flattened-out discs may also herniate, causing additional pain. Narrowing of the space inside the spinal canal (spinal stenosis) can pinch the spinal cord or nerve roots to create neck pain. Muscular strain is another common problem that can sneak up on you. If your head is misaligned on your neck, the neck muscles may be under constant, unnatural strain. Bending your neck to consult mobile devices all the time can even produce a modern malady known as “text neck.”

Chiropractic Care and Other Neck Pain Management Methods

Chiropractic care from our St. Charles chiropractor can resolve many of the underlying problems associated with neck pain, not just the symptoms themselves. Careful, precise chiropractic adjustments can realign the cervical spinal joints to restore pain-free mobility. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression can relieve nerve impingement by repositioning herniated discs and helping flattened discs regain water content.

In addition to chiropractic adjustments, our St. Charles chiropractor may also prescribe soft tissue therapies to relieve your neck pain. Massage therapy and cold laser therapy can both increase circulation, speed healing and fight inflammation. We can also advise you about ergonomic/lifestyle changes to avoid neck strain.

Ask Our St. Charles, MO Chiropractor for Natural Neck Pain Management

Our St. Charles, MO chiropractor will be happy to evaluate your neck and then recommend the perfect mix of chiropractic adjustments and other neck pain management strategies. Call 636-947-7463 to get the neck pain relief you so urgently need!