At Rivertowne Family Chiropractic Wellness Center, our St. Charles chiropractor is committed to serving Lindenwood University and the surrounding areas with the highest standard of chiropractic care. Whether you’re in need of a spinal adjustment to correct alignment issues in your back or require a consultation to determine the best course of treatment for your wellness plan, our experienced and compassionate team is here to assist you. Ultimately, our goal is to help you achieve improved health and wellness through skilled, holistic care without the need for prescription drugs or invasive procedures.

One of the most common reasons patients come into our office is to seek assistance with muscle pain and soreness.

Dealing With Sore Muscles?

There are many reasons as to why you may be experiencing sore muscles. It’s normal, after strenuous activity, for the muscles to become sore as they heal. That’s because when you challenge your muscles by lifting something heavier than they’re used to, the tissues in the muscle actually break down and tear. The soreness you experience is actually the body rebuilding those muscles stronger and larger. This is the “good” type of muscle soreness that will usually go away on its own within a couple days.

However, prolonged muscle pain and soreness can become debilitating and begin to affect your everyday life. And sometimes, muscle soreness can be caused by an injury that requires treatment. Whiplash is a good example of a muscle injury that may require medical intervention. This injury most often occurs as the result of a car accident, when the neck is thrown forward and the muscles surrounding the cervical (upper) spine become torn and damaged. As the body attempts to heal these muscles, you may experience severe pain and stiffness in the neck and other areas of the spine.

Muscle soreness and pain can also be caused by sports injuries, such as strains.

How Our Chiropractor Can Help

The good news is that if you’re experiencing muscle pain or stiffness, our chiropractor can help. For example, we provide whiplash treatment often for those who have recently been injured in car accidents. We always recommend a unique treatment plan based on each patient’s specific needs and lifestyle, but spinal adjustment and massage therapy are two common whiplash treatment options we offer. These are great for relieving aches in the muscles while also promoting better blood and oxygen flow to the damaged muscles. This, in turn, can speed up the body’s own natural healing processes.

In addition to treatment for whiplash, massage therapy, spinal adjustment, and corrective exercises can be great for other forms of muscle pain. Corrective exercises are also ideal for restoring range of motion after a muscle injury.

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