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I was skeptical when Dr. Ed told me to take the Nanogreens, but I knew I needed to do something because I was starting to get stiffness and swelling in my hands. I knew I was not eating enough fruits and vegetables, so I liked the idea of a drink with a all the fruits and vegetables at one time. So I told it and I am so glad I did, the swelling went away and I feel great!

Victoria F

When I came to Dr. Bickmeyer’s office I had all but given up on living a happy healthy life. I was diagnosed with major depression, debilitating migraines, and bacterial sinus infections every 2 months! I really felt like there was no hope for me, that living in agony physically and mentally was the hand I was dealt.

There seemed to be no solution with the doctors I was seeing. I was taking depression, antianxiety, A.D.D, and sleep medications. Then there were the steroids and antibiotics every 2 months. I already knew I had a curvature in my spine and the curve in my neck was all wrong (which lead to arthritis setting in) but was told by other physicians and chiropractors that there was nothing really that they could do.

That was about three months ago and Wow, I feel like a whole new person. With the help of Dr. Bickmeyer’s manipulations advice and great informative staff I plan to make a full recovery. Already I have cut my meds by 50% and quit taking some altogether. Everybody sees the change in me, coworkers (but more importantly) my boyfriend and children.

Shelly W.

I have been experiencing sciatica pain on my right side for over three years. It started slowly at first, where I would have some pain whenever I would be standing in place for awhile but once I began walking or sitting the pain would ease up. Then about 18 months ago, the pain became more and more frequently until it was at the point where I was in constant almost unbearable pain. It was difficult to stand, walk or even drive my car. I got to the point where I couldn’t walk up stairs or stand long enough to cook dinner for my family. The only relief I could get was to sit or lay down.

My general practitioner recommended physical therapy and anti-inflammatory drugs but those didn’t give me any relief. At the suggestion of my family I saw a podiatrist who recommended orthotics which I tried for several months but it seemed to only increase my pain.

I found a chiropractor who gave me three months worth of treatments but I only experienced a little relief. After sharing my frustration with several friends, they recommended I try a different chiropractor and that’s how I found Rivertowne Family Chiropractic and Dr. Bickmeyer.

Since receiving treatment from Dr. Bickmeyer I have improved almost 90%. He was the only doctor who recommended and MRI to actually see what was happening with my back so that he could determine the correct treatment. After working with me I can now cook dinner, go for walks and drive without tears. I now feel more positive and am excited that with exercise and continued maintenance I will be able to continue improving. After being in pain for so long and finally getting some relief I no longer take my ability to walk without pain for granted. My biggest challenge is to keep from over doing it because I feel so much better now!


Joyce M
St. Peters, MO

When I first visited Dr. B I was in terrible pain. It was hard to do anything. I could not lift my right foot and the great toe was numb. I knew by MRI I had two bulging disk and I had so much inflammation it must have trapped a nerve. I am in the health field and never trusted chiropractic care, but I did not have time or courage for surgery suggested to me. Through decompression therapy, Dr. B’s manipulations and Core treatments I stated to heal then before I knew it was able to drive into work pain free, lift my own groceries and participate in the care of my mother.

Thank you for all you have done. I am sure it will not be the last time I am recruited into your care plan.

Cindy H.
Wentzville, MO

I have suffered with terrible neck and shoulder pain for the past five years. I went through a number of treatments including cortisone shots, acupuncture, physical therapy and traction with no major relief. I finally gave it a break from any treatment for a couple of years, but although that gave me a little relief from the constant inflammation of having it over worked, the pain remained.

A year ago, I started with Rivertowne Chiropractic mostly due to the fact that they offered spinal decompression. I noticed some small relief with the decompression, but even more so with the exercises I was give to work on my posture. After 9 months or so , I mentioned to Dr. Bickmeyer the constant inflammation I felt in my neck. He suggested that I try taking some supplements, in particular Omega 3’s and Multi Minerals. After just a few days, I began to notice3 a difference in the pain level in my neck. Now after having been taking them for a couple of months, I can’t begin to explain the difference it has made in my life.

Although things are not perfect, having the inflammation reduced has been like a miracle to me. I only wish I had known about these supplements sooner! I will continue trying alternatives to surgery any day!

Jayne W.
St. Charles, MO

I was in a car accident where I was struck from behind at about 65 mph. I was seen in the emergency room with the typical injuries of lower back pain, right shoulder pain and whiplash. It was recommended to me to see a chiropractor and was sent to Dr. Bickmeyer.

My first conversation started with “I hate chiropractors”, but I need an appointment. I was amazed at how quickly relief came after just a few adjustments. I was seen three times a week for one month and I actually found myself looking forward to my visits.

After my adjustments for my car accident, I still plan on doing a lifetime of check-ups once every month. I truly was amazed at how well I felt overall, more energy, less headaches and just an overall good feeling about my body

Laura W.

“Getting my life back”

I have had back problems for years. I was diagnosed with arthritis at the age of 33. Six years ago, my primary care doctor sent me to a specialist. He said my back was shot, which caused the leg pain, and to live with it as long as I could and then see a back doctor for surgery. In December 2004 I had a disc collapse and developed a foot drop, and could not walk far or go up steps easily. I had a disc fusion in May 2005. It took away all my back pain and I can bend over, but the leg pain got much worse. I have used other chiropractors in the past and decided I needed to see one after I was released from the back surgery. Dr. Bickmeyer was recommended by my daughter. I did not know if he would even see me because of the surgery. I started treatment in July and now, the end of September, I can sleep at night, go up and down the steps much better, and my clothes do not hang crooked because he has managed to get my pelvis in place. Dr. Bickmeyer also fitted me with customized shoe inserts that are wonderful. I feel I am getting my life back after 6 years of constant pain.

Mary B.

I am both amazed and grateful to Dr. B and Dr. Lock for helping me have hope that I won’t have to always feel the way I felt when I first came to see them.My sinus headaches had been constant for almost 3 months.When I told Dr. Lock about this she did an adjustment on my sinuses that gave me instant relief.I couldn’t believe it! Only after getting this relief did I realize how depressed I had become because of the headaches.

In the meantime between Dr. B.’s back adjustments and that awesome therapy after the adjustment, I was feeling younger with every visit. My flexibility was returning.Recently, my husband commented that I had the “wiggle in my walk” back the way it was when he first met me over 20 years ago. He had a big smile on his face when he said it.

Dr. B and Dr. Lock, thanks for giving me back a quality of life I thought was gone forever.

Deb B.

I sought Dr. Bickmeyer’s help for back pain relief reluctantly because I had a negative experience with a chiropractor years ago and I did not think that there was much that could be done. Medical and neurological doctors had advised me that not even surgery would guarantee pain relief and I was on a pain management program. I was at the point of having to increase the doses of my medication because the pain had gotten too much to bear. The pain had affected every part of my life but I was determined not to take more drugs. After the initial visit with Dr. Bickmeyer and a slight adjustment, the acute, stabbing, radiating pain seemed to be a bit relieved. It was back that afternoon. After the second visit, the pain was there, but it WAS relieved a bit and it didn’t come back until the next day. By the third visit, I knew there really was help for me, and Dr. Bickmeyer was giving it to me. By the end of my second week of visits (6), not only was I feeling much better, my pain management program was working, and on some days I was reducing my regimen by a dose a day. The treatment I received under Dr. Bickmeyer’s care has enhanced my physical well being as well as my disposition because I’m not always in pain, Best of all, I can put away the heating pad!!


I began feeling pain in my hip when I was wearing sling back shoes. A friend recommended that I see Dr. Bickmeyer. After a thorough examination, including x-rays, treatments, and therapy, I experienced tremendous relief from the pain.

Previous to seeing the doctor, any movement such as getting into an automobile, walking or getting up from a sitting position caused a great deal of pain.

I continued to improve with each adjustment/therapy, and the doctor is also helping with my elbow, which was injured many years ago.

It is almost unbelievable how my balance in walking has improved; pain-free.

Norma T.

In January of 2004 I was feeling very bad lower back pain. Sometimes so bad I could not function or even walk.

But after around 6 months of seeing Dr. Bickmeyer life is very good again and pain free!

Thank you and thank you to Cindy and Cathy for great care you’ve given me.

Thank you,

Walter W.

Headaches, headaches, and more headaches. I had them for as long as I can remember. They would come and go, sometimes a few days would go by with no headaches, then BAM! one shows up with no warning. There was no rhyme or reason to them; no pattern or cause I could find.

The medical doctors tried to help, but nothing they did really seemed to matter. Strong drugs, x-rays, whatever, I still got my headaches. These are not bad headaches, like the migraines I have heard people talk about.

I never even considered chiropractic, until a friend of my girlfriends recommended it. She also had headaches, until she came to see Dr. Bickmeyer. Thinking to myself, “I have nothing to lose”, I made an appointment.

Dr. Ed is great. He takes the time to explain things, knows what he is doing, and obviously truly cares about helping people. The best part?

My headaches are gone! Instead of everyday, I get one every couple of week’s. SWEET!

Thank you Dr. Ed

Tim H.

In July 2003, I became very dizzy. I went to my doctor of osteopath and he prescribed Antivert (which is given for Vertigo). This did not help at all, so he added Prednesolone. Still no help. He then sent me to an ear, nose and throat doctor who did a hearing test, an EEG (dizziness test), and a water test; also sent me for an MRI. This entire test showed normal, except some hearing loss in my right ear. I was then sent to a Neurologist, who tested me and said, “It isn’t your brain”. He then asked if the ENT mentioned anything about Menier’s Disease. I said, “No” So he proceeds to tell me that he thought it was my ears causing the dizziness and that the treatment for Menier’s Disease was to prescribe diaretics; and I am allergic to Sulfa Drug’s. The ENT also given me exercises to do for Vertigo. In doing these, I pulled my Sacroiliac thus causing me pain. So my husband told me to go to see a st charles chiropractor, Dr. Bickmeyer.

I told Dr. Bickmeyer what had transpired and he said he thought he could help me. He adjusted my back and my ears. When he adjusted my ears, fluid went down my throat, (it should be noted that none of the above doctors ever detected fluid in my ears). I felt better, but the next morning my symptoms began to return. I waited until my next appointment that Thursday to see Dr. Bickmeyer. He was concerned that I was not better. He again adjusted my back and ears. Again there was fluid in my left ear. After this visit, I was cured. It was the 18th of Aug. when I first saw Dr. Bickmeyer with this problem and on the20th, I was cured.

I can’t thank Dr. Bickmeyer enough for being able to fix my problem. In the 2 months of being dizzy, I was able to work for 4-6 hours a day and was unable to drive myself, so my boss and co-workers picked me up and took me home. I became very weak during this time because of lack of activity and exercises.

Dea S.

I first saw Dr. B in January 1999 for a serve lower back and hip and leg pain. After he reviewed my x-rays he informed me that I had two serve curves in my back and my left leg was approximately ½ inches shorter than my right side. I had hurt my back in 1989 and never went to the doctor. After 10 years I had to have my wife help me out of bed each day so I could go to work. I’m in the construction trades and a strong back essential. I was in so much pain I could hardly do my job. I took treatments 3 times a week for a few months and after about six months I had no more curves in my back. My legs were both the same length and no more pain in my lower back, hip or leg. Thanks to Dr. B. I’m pain free and can do all the outdoor activities to do without fear of pain in the morning.

Thanks Doc.

You’re the best

Carl W.

My name Is Alex. I am 8 years old. I was told by my doctor that I had Asthma at the age of 3 years old. I was put in the hospital for pneumonia. I had very hard time breathing.

My mom started working for Dr. B over a year ago. She started in April, and one month later I began having my Asthma attacks. My mom had to leave work early to come get me at school due to having my attacks. My mom said that Dr. B wanted her to bring me in for an adjustment to help with the attacks.

A week later, I saw Dr. B. He adjusted me and I heard a lot of popcorn. I saw Dr. B each week three times a week. Each year around Halloween, I am usually in the hospital with my Asthma or Pneumonia. I have never been able to go trick or treating. This past year, I was unable to go trick or treating due to it was too cold outside and my mom didn’t want my Asthma to come again. So for the first time since I was three I was not in the hospital for Halloween.I am looking forward to my first trick or treating this year.

It is now over a year since my first adjustment, and I no longer need my inhaler or nebulizer. I no longer take steroids either. I no longer take any medications for my Asthma. I have only two minor breathing problems since my first adjustment.It is nice to breathe normal again.

Thank You Dr. B

Alex W.

I began working for Dr. Bickmeyer in April of 2002. That May, I received a call from my son’s school asking me to come right away due to he was having an Asthma attack. Alex is my second child and he was 7 years old. I was leaving work, and Dr. Bickmeyer recommended that I bring him in for an adjustment. I thought to myself, an adjustment? Why? He told me that it would help with Alex’s Asthma attacks. It wouldn’t cure it, but it could help eliminate so many attacks. I left thinking, why would I have my son see a Chiropractor for Asthma.
I arrived at school to find my son sitting up in a chair grabbing his chest whispering, Sorry Mom, I can’t breathe. Tears came to my eyes and I realized there has to be some other way to cope with these attacks. My son was on steroids, which made him so irritable and hard to live with at times. He used his nebulizer in the morning, at lunch and in the evening and one more treatment right before bed. He was also on Singular. His coughs were rough. It made my chest hurtjust hearing him cough.

I came to work the next day, and I asked Dr. Bickmeyer if adjustments would really help Alex with his Asthma. He showed me on this chart on his wall, that pin pointed what parts help relieve the attacks. To this day, I really still don’t understand how it works- but I do know- it has been over a year and we have had only two, what I call, croupy coughs. This seems to be flared with the season change. Usually, around May and October.

We have already passed one October. The first October we were not in the hospital since he was three years old. We just passed May, and not one attack or

‘Croupy cough”. Alex is eight years old now and is continuing his adjustments and he is doing well. We no longer take steroids. We are no longer using his nebulizer or inhaler. We put them away in the closet(where as before- they became part of the furniture in our living room). Alex is doing well and he is only seeing Dr. Bickmeyer every two weeks or so. If I see that Alex is a bit croupy, I get him in her for an adjustment right away, and things seem to settle down back to normal again.

Alex is my little testimony to Chiropractic care for Asthma. It works, and he is proof!

Thank you Dr. Bickmeyer for showing us that there is an alternative to drugs and steroids. Continue to keep my son, breathing freely. So from my heart Thank You!

Not just as your employee, but your friend,

Cindy W-B.

I am a true believer in chiropractic. Thanks to Dr.Edward Bickmeyer for rescuing me form major back and leg pain.

My medical doctor gave me pain pills and muscle relaxers to mask the pain. I was told to call back in two weeks if I wasn’t any better.

It took about three weeks of adjustments and therapy, but worth all the time invested. There is no greater feeling than to be pain free.


Nancy W.

I met Dr. Ed Bickmeyer a few weeks ago at Mid-Rivers Mall where he and a staff member were providing information on Chiropractic services. Since that meeting I had been thinking about seeking a St. Charles Chiropractor for help. You see I have a persistent pain in my neck and lower back. At my first office visit and consultation, Ed explained a plan for treatment that would take about four weeks. After two office visits my neck pain is completely gone. In the fourth week of treatment the pain in my lower back has been dramatically reduced. The increased flexibility and mobility feels wonderful. I am extremelypleased by the professional treatment received by Ed and his staff.

Gerry R.